Surrender into writing

Surrender into writing


Surrender into writing

Surrender into sitting down in a constant flow of words coming out of my hands and surrender into the lifestyle of writing was not something that I thought I had to deal with.

As I have written earlier on the blog “My Italian Angel” was written twice – two completely different books though. When writing it I decided to do it a bit here and there and it worked out well… and after it was finished I had planned that it should be edited, then published and then later maybe a new book would take form.

It is said that everytime you make a plan God is laughing and so it happened again.

Last year I had a roadtrip on my own in Italy, driving from Milan, Pitigliano, Turin and then Como lake and when leaving Milan again on the airplane the inspiration to a new novel came through. I remember thinking on the plane… one more book in the same series and I thought that I had to publish the other one first… but I just knew that I had to write, and so I did.

When I started the second novel the attitude towards writing changed, the surrender to living a life where writing became a first choice, the way of living to be able to write was changing. I observed that my whole mindset about living changed and what I hadn’t seen coming was that I loved it.
I love writing and I love the calmness of the life that follows. The quietness and being with my computer has had such a fantastic impact on my life. Do you know that feeling?… When you experience that you are much happier living a different life than you thought you should live?

It’s the beauty of surrender into ourselves that makes life shine when we do… But I can say I have spend a lot of time resisting it and why? I can’t give you any good reasons, not even one – why we don’t surrender into what is the best for us? Do you ever wonder about that too?

Enjoy the ride
We’re only here once

L. Lee


What an angel!

What an angel!


What an angel!

The book is about an Italian Angel and who that is…. (Well you have to wait until the book is out. Which will be the 1st of November 2016.)

So today it will be about another angel.

Last week, while at my friend’s house, I saw this fantastic rainbow in the shape of an angel. I saw a kind of half rainbow hanging down from a sky and asked my friend that she go and take a photograph. I was standing in the kitchen looking at her while the intensity of the colors of the rainbow increased dramatically in those seconds when she was doing the photo shoot. Once she returned to the kitchen the rainbow was gone…

It was like magic! We both laughed and agreed that it looked like an angel. But today when I saw the photo it was so clear that it was in fact an angel. (See the filming below.)

So then my mind drifted to My Italian Angel, cause that was such a different experience.

But equal for them both, they are so real and non-real at the same time. It feels unbelievable and at the same time so familiar when they arrive.

Ever since I was a child I have had all kinds of spiritual experiences, but it was often accompanied with a splash of anxiety… that I didn’t know what to do with it, didn’t know how to be with it, so for many years I tried to run… but with that only more anxiety followed.

The spiritual part of the human being is so important and so full of guidance and wisdom, but when not knowing what to do with it… it can sometimes feels overwhelming or at least that was what I felt.

Last week it felt like a warm comforting sign, like the appearance of someone watching out for us.

The Italian Angel had the same qualities and maybe that’s what they are all about, showing us comfort, showing us our essence so full of wisdom, if we just listen…

Enjoy the journey!
We are only here once.