Those lips…

Lips are amazing, no question about that… it can take you to beyond and back, and so much love is sharing in that door opening.

But right now it’s not about the lips in what they can do, share and bring… but more that those four letters are a part of something very new and exciting in my life.

You know the feeling just before you go to sleep a very clear idea comes to mind… and it is just the second before you are going into the land of dreams… you are so comfortable, and the last thing you want to do is to move and get a pencil and paper to write it down.

I had a evening in Japan. Just before closing my eyes a title came to me. A novel with a beautiful title which I am going to write… So soon… I will get my hands on the computer and start.

And guess what a part of the title is…


That is all I can reveal now. But I am so happy that another title wants to be written. Can’t wait to the whole story unfolds between my hands.

I will invite you into the process of the new novel soon.

Enjoy the ride

We are only here once


  1. Lee