Me introducing Me

Dear You

Life is a lovely mess of events, insights, broken hearts, open hearts, journeys, travels, food, love, tears, pain and everything in between.

I have grown fond of the mess over the years, but it has not come easily and I have lived a life trying to fit into a box but there is only this to say about that…
I have failed fully and luckily I did!
The trying to fitting into a box, created tension and pain in my life but also the greatest passion to live this life the fullest.

And for me, there is only one way of doing that… Following your heart! Not that I think it’s easy….. full of anxiety at the time, but I want it. And I want to become better at it all the time.

I love books and with this trilogy about Katrin, the first book “My Italian Angel” and the now upcoming book “He doesn’t follow the script” and the third in process “It is said there is a script”. A woman, who’s journey is inspired by my life, observations I have made, insights that I have had and on top of that… my imagination.

I can’t wait to welcome you into my world of books, inner and outer journeys.
Thank you so much for joining me here on my page

Enjoy the journey!
We are only here once.

L. Lee


Live your life, listen to your heart and pray for the strength while doing it!