Me introducing Me

Dear You

Welcome to my page, a summary of my world of words, healing, mediations, art and love. 

In 2004 I had a vision a vision of an energy between the man and the woman that was so intense that I had to follow, little did I know that in that vision I broke my heart, torn my soul, my ego, my view of the world and changed me forever. 

That vision was so strong that I could not deny it even if I only had the slightest knowing of what it was leading me to. I am still on the journey, you can not visit my site and I will tell you… I did it, because I still do not feel that I did. That I understood it all, I understood The Kundalini fully, ended in the destination I wanted. 

I have arrived many times on this journey. I have written 4 books in English and 2 in danish, and I still have many more to write… The books takes me on a journey to reflect upon what has been me given, some are novels some are biographical.

The center of it all is love and light. It is the love for unconditional love, the love for God, the falling in love with God and the falling in love with light. 

All this in a cocktail of being human at the same time. 

There is a bond between the kundalini journey which my soul dared to bring me on, which if I had chosen from me, I would have not. But then here I am.
I can give you experiences in my books, I can offer you sessions on you finding your light. It is not a one fix session. It is a session which can contribute to your journey. 

I also offer meditation on the Golden Consciousness which is an energy field I have been receiving. I can also provide you with your own art of this energy to you, which you then can meditate upon. 

I am at your service for you to dare to follow your heart and be more light. 


Lotte Søs Farran-Lee

Live your life, listen to your heart and pray for the strength while doing it!