Fly Baby fly

Fly Baby fly

Fly baby fly…

Yesterday was the day. The day when my baby “My Italian Angel” flies. Flying away from my world to the outer world to be shared.

Is been written twice, is based on a long painful, magnificent, challenging and healing journey but nevertheless it is here. It is now here in a form of a novel based on my own journey and mixed with my imagination.

So whom will you meet in the book?

Katrin is the leading star of the book, her life, her inner pain and her feeling of having fucked up her soul leads her out in the world to find healing. On her journey she discover that learning to love unconditionally is the key to unlocking her pain.

But how does one learn this?

The meeting of an angel.

She gets so intense in her search to learn unconditional love and on that journey a completely unexpected teacher arrives. He is an angel, an angel from beyond, who with his deep and beautiful heart energy shows her some ways into her own heart. Her heart which is deeply longing to heal her soul.

The meeting is intense, painful, funny and full of love and guided by Katrin’s courage… she and her angel becomes a wonderful match.

Fly baby fly 

To let go and let it fly, let it be whatever is meant for it to be… Letting go of “My Italian Angel” is a beautiful feeling… It has been a journey for more than 12 years, and now… in a form that I never thought should be mine… a novel, it’s time.

I truly hope you will enjoy it.

Fly baby fly…

Enjoy the ride
We’re only here once

L. Lee