In to ME see = Intimacy I saw this explanation of intimacy in a magazine and it captured me. It made me still and investigating at the same time. Like it squeezed out the core of the meaning of that particular word. For me the word intimacy associates with being physically close with a man, staying in a presence and magic of what to see, feel, smell, hear and taste. It’s about the senses, my senses are to be awakend to see, feel, hear, smell and taste what is going on in me, but it is as much as to be aware of him and his senses, his reactions, his wants, his heart and his soul. It is that deep sense of listen to all of him, the physical sensation, the emotions, all the nonverbal, the non spoken, the subtle senses and being in the wonder of the universe. It is to experience it all together in a place where both feel safe and a willingness to surrender into each other at that very moment.. When I read the “In to me see”, I felt, I saw a simplicity of a raw core of the word that had never occurred to me before. I felt like all the associations left and I stood there naked with the word and wanted to go closer to get more intimate with the word. In to ME see. Yes that is ALL. See me, hear me, feel me, touch me, taste me, all of it the physical and the nonphysical, that is what it feels when someone dares to be intimate with you and you with them. Daring to see exactly YOU. This is so profound and expanding when you meet someone that does that. But here it comes, what I also saw in that line “In to ME see” was seeing into me. And that perspective changed it all when I saw that. It was as the word itself came with a love declaration towards myself. It was as I saw the softness of being intimate with me, was to see me. See me for what I am now and feel what I really feel, and not an anticipation of what I think I still am of something that I was. I have been in such a huge sorrow and being so busy for a long time, and I needed to see me again, who am I now, what do I see, what do I hear, what do I feel. How do I smell, where do I feel tender, where do I feel strong and it opened up to the choice I had to make. I had to make some more stillness in my life. I had to cut lines of communication to hear me. I needed to go silent, until I would be able to start listening to the new me. I needed to touch myself again physically and with my heart. Listen to that touch my soul are here to imprint in the world. I practice it now again after I lost my father, but it took me more than 1 ½ year to come to the point where I was ready to feel, hear and see myself again, because I lost a huge part of me when he left us. I needed time to reconnect to my soul, my souls voice, and not just connect, but listen and start taking action. I needed as I could see now, to be intimate with me. In to ME see. I needed to see me again and it has done a huge difference. I am listing to all the creations I am here to do. So from the intimate me, go into you and see YOU. What you really are, listen and dare to go with it. I promise you, your soul will be so happy, even if it scares you, it will always nourish you so much. Lotte Søs X