A manifested dream

A manifested dream

A manifested dream

A manifested dream

This saturday “Let’s Talk Tantra” will be published. And a very long dream/vision is being manifested. The vision that I saw more than 12 years ago, of small books being created in a new language has now found it’s way into the manifested world.

Last Wednesday I had been out all day at my business club and my head was full of inspiring talks. When I returned home I saw that the boxes of freshly printed books had arrived. My heart flipped out, beating faster than I felt my physical heart could handle.

The feeling of holding the physical book, was so thrilling and exciting for my heart, and feelings of completion, heartbreak, strength, courage and belief… so much belief… merged with everything. And then the tears came… running for hours of relief.

It’s not just a book; it is a book from my deep core. I love the books I have published over the years, I love nurturing them, I love them because they are like small personalities waiting for someone to pick them up and be shared. I simply love what I do.

Some dreams are so powerful and come from so deep within that you feel your whole life will have lost it’s meaning if you stopped believing in them. This is how this one felt…

So… when something keeps on whispering in your ears:

  • Don’t stop believing it. Not even if it looks like it’s never going to
  • If you like to talk, find the best people in your life and share your dreams with them. They will keep reminding that you have something to give to the world.
  • Find the inner blockages that keep you from getting there. And get them unblocked in whatever way is best for you.
  • Ask for help.
  • Meditate
  • Never stop believing and find your ways to keep the dream from fading. Go wild in imagination.
  • Be persistent.

The previous 12 years felt like nothing that moment when I held the book, but I must say… what a journey…
Good luck catching and fulfilling your own dreams.

Enjoy the journey!
We are only here once.

L. Lee