Why listen to your heart?

Why listen to your heart?

Why listen to the voice of your heart?

To live af life listing to the voice of your heart constantly whispering within, with it’s sweet and soft voice where the next step is for you in life, sounds so sweet and wonderful… like it would take care of you all the way if you listen.

That the pain would not increase in life, but the expectations of decreasing of pain is a must otherwise the heart must have lied.
The trust of the voice of the heart can be hard, and the action to follow it’s wishes even harder, yet the truth is that not listing to it may be even harder.

So why do it? Why listen to the voice of your heart?

Love and the hearts voice can sound so fantastic and also easy to do, that then if listened to, will leed to a life with ease but the reality has not been like that in my experience…  yet why again? Why constantly try to live the hearts voice, when it feels so vulnerable and it often has put me in situations where the pain has increased? Honestly I don’t know why. I could try give you all the right answers, but logically trying to that… to give you answer, would be like saying that I nailed it… and I haven’t.

Listing to my heart scares me in every way, but I keep on doing it. I keep on wanting to listen even more carefully to what it has to tell me. Learning how to refine and let go of fear to open up. I don’t think it’s easy, but in a way I feel that it’s the only right way.

Your hearts voice has a saying that is unique for you and for the world, that why it matters! It matters a lot and even if we are just a little voice in the big picture, every voice is a must for everything to be in place.

You will hear me stumble forward in this most (or at least for me ) important lesson here in life… to listen to the voice of my heart.

Enjoy the journey!
We are only here once.