Surrender into writing

Surrender into sitting down in a constant flow of words coming out of my hands and surrender into the lifestyle of writing was not something that I thought I had to deal with.

As I have written earlier on the blog “My Italian Angel” was written twice – two completely different books though. When writing it I decided to do it a bit here and there and it worked out well… and after it was finished I had planned that it should be edited, then published and then later maybe a new book would take form.

It is said that everytime you make a plan God is laughing and so it happened again.

Last year I had a roadtrip on my own in Italy, driving from Milan, Pitigliano, Turin and then Como lake and when leaving Milan again on the airplane the inspiration to a new novel came through. I remember thinking on the plane… one more book in the same series and I thought that I had to publish the other one first… but I just knew that I had to write, and so I did.

When I started the second novel the attitude towards writing changed, the surrender to living a life where writing became a first choice, the way of living to be able to write was changing. I observed that my whole mindset about living changed and what I hadn’t seen coming was that I loved it.
I love writing and I love the calmness of the life that follows. The quietness and being with my computer has had such a fantastic impact on my life. Do you know that feeling?… When you experience that you are much happier living a different life than you thought you should live?

It’s the beauty of surrender into ourselves that makes life shine when we do… But I can say I have spend a lot of time resisting it and why? I can’t give you any good reasons, not even one – why we don’t surrender into what is the best for us? Do you ever wonder about that too?

Enjoy the ride
We’re only here once

L. Lee