You shouldn’t think that I wanted to write the same book twice, but actually that’s what happened.

The title came to me many years ago and I knew, I had to write this book.

It was meant to be an autobiography about a long and intense journey . The words found their way onto the screen of my laptop and after a while I sat with the finished pages in my hand. After reading it through I knew I wouldn’t publish it. It was meant to be my story. Just for me.

So the birth of “My Italian Angel” didn’t only happen once but twice.

What happened was that a novel started to morph into something else, with in a short period of time a whole into a novel. A novel with a woman called Katrin as the main character with a story that was inspired from my own story, but had taken a life of it’s own
The characters, which I over time will introduce you to, appeared like they had been waiting patiently in the background. Waiting for someone to finally listen to them.

The story takes place in my native Denmark but as the title implies, Italy plays a major role. The main character Katrin is a woman travelling around in the world searching for answers. Answers that can change her pain into love,. The deep pain that she has carried around in her heart her whole life.

I call it a spiritual love story, and it is about finding love within and the love of ones life. It has been a long process of My Italian Angel, but the journey of it has been very important to me. I has been important to me to be truly honest about which words should be publish, and I very proud of the words that has come together in this book

Enjoy the ride!
We only live once.

L. Lee