Cover_Let's Talk Tantra

Why write about tantra?

I’m at the moment co-authoring and publishing a book called “Let’s Talk Tantra”. It will be the first book in a book series ‘Let’s Talk’.
The idea of the books came many years ago, but I didn’t see the full picture of it then. I began seeing glimpses of the book serie a bit at a time. Small bits of information revealed itself and slowly but surely it took form.

One night driving to a redesign of the Bible bookrelease the words “Let’s Talk” landed in my head and I knew the books were here. I was so excited and I knew the books would happen, but I just didn’t know were to start…

More time past and one day the first title reached a place in my heart: “Let’s Talk Tantra”.
Honestly, I didn’t know at the time, but when the first conversation with my co-author Ulrik Adinatha and I started, I understood why this book had to be the first.
Tantra has a very special place in my heart. It has through many tantric massages helped me to open up and listen to my heart through the use of my sexual energy. It has healed me in a storm of a very intense spiritual journey.
So sitting with Ulrik Adinatha, I understood why this was the first book, because my heart wanted to bring this knowing back to you and the world, and the information about the philosophy and practice of it, so you could get the chance to change your life with tantra and come closer to and live more honestly with what you already are.

Tantra is a subject that is often misunderstood and also sometimes with fair reason. Because of that, I feel that this talk with Ulrik Adinatha who has such a beautiful heart and soul, with such a deep integrity and knowledge in the roots of the tantric philosophy and practice can change that. We have talked about Love, philosophy, sex and why tantra is much more than just good sex. It’s about our whole life and love and how we can use the beautiful sexual energy that we have available to create a life that are true for us.

All this you will get much more of in the blog next week.

So here we are, everything beautifully created, more than I was able to see when I took the first step…

Enjoy the ride!
We only live once.

L. Lee