Let's Talk Tantra

Tantra! It’s a word that evokes curiosity and a haze of mystery enters people’s eyes. There is a glimpse of excitement that people would like to hear more, but also a bit concern about what it really is.

For what is Tantra? I will not tell you that here, Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj is doing that so beautifully in the book “Let’s Talk Tantra”. What I would like to share, is a bit about what it can do for you.

The idea of how our life should be has many variations, but maybe it’s not what really makes us happy.

We all wish that the day we die, we can confidently say that we have lived our life to the fullest and that life, in some way, gave us some of what we had hoped for. That’s why it’s essential to identify what we really want out of our life instead of adopting a second hand glossy fairytale road map for our life.

This is were Tantra comes in.

Through tantric massages and practice of the tantric philosophy you are actually able to get in touch with a sense of what we actually want out of our life. It’s about a feeling, a voice that knows what is right for you. These are insights that might not be obvious to the mind, but are to the heart.

Tantra uses the sexual energy in our bodies to get in touch with ourselves. Using pleasure as a tool, we are able to open up and realize ourselves more fully and feel who we really are.

You can learn to get closer to yourself through Tantra and you will learn to connect with your partner from a much deeper and loving place.

The beauty of Tantra is that it meets you where you are at in life, and it can be used for several different purposes: Gaining a better understanding of who you are, improving your sex life, healing yourself or supporting and deepening your spiritual path.

For me, Tantra has been life transforming and with this book I want to offer other people that same chance! I wonder what discoveries Tantra has for you.

Enjoy the ride!

We only live once!