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My inner Italian woman.

Do you know the feeling of landing in another country and just having the sense of belonging? Not that you in any way are related to the country but just this deep feeling that a part of you is home.

Years back I suddenly observed that exact feeling. It happened at a seminar I was attending and the destination was Italy.

I started craving my trips Italy, I couldn’t get there enough. There was as a part of me that just felt so at home that I could finally relax a place very deep within. I would walk the streets endlessly; have a cappuccino here and there, read a book and work.

Everything seemed to add up in a way almost impossible to time describe to anyone… because I was in love… deeply in love with a country and still am.

I don’t go there as often as I used to a couple of years back, but I have to go every year. This summer I have just been in Milan with my boys and it’s the same every time. The feeling returns, I relax and a lot of inspirations and creative energy activates.

The first book “My Italian Angel” (which will be published the 1. of November 2016) is inspired by Italy where all the travelling I did ended up in this very book. The next book “He doesn’t follow the script” was born after a road trip in Italy… the whole outline to the manuscript was written on the flight back home.

And this time… ideas for the third novel started to enter my mind.

Do you know this feeling? That you have to go to a special place to receive parts of you that you couldn’t experience at home?

Travelling has help heal me so much and it continues. I am ever amazed by that feeling…

Ciao from my inner Italian woman.

Enjoy the ride!

We only live once!