Have you done your karate?

My youngest boy has become a member of a wonderful karate club and hence I ended up at a karate camp last weekend as a driver for a part of the group.

It’s not really my dream scenario to sleep in a big dormitory, but it is part of life as a mum to attend, support and participate when needed and just go and be with it.

Hence it was a huge surprise to find a fully magnificent place where the camp was to be held. The sun was shining from a blue sky and it was a beautiful house, no dormitory, with a real bed and a closed door and at the same time just by the sea, and I mean just by the sea. And in the presence of a wonderful group of people.

The group started training and suddenly I found myself just being in this wonderful place with nothing scheduled. I could work on my computer but I found myself rather wanting to be with the pace of the group on the site rather than being somewhere else.

I ended up fully enjoying peeling the potatoes, go to the sea when the group did, work a bit, meditate at the sea, sit in the sun, rest, did the cleaning and just let myself completely be. It became my karate to be fully within me the whole weekend.
The beautiful thing that I then observed was that a shift happened within me. A shift of letting go of the desire to control the pace and outcome in life.

I’m so grateful for this karate, and grateful for letting myself just take the opportunity to be and let a message from within grow and take place.

So when my son graduated later in the week we talked about how karate was to be felt within one self and how once in place the karate would be better, he simply said, “I then have to make peace with karate”.

So simple and so strong…

Enjoy the ride!
We only live once.