About the green fingers
I’m not known for having green fingers, but nevertheless I decided to change my belief about that with this plant. So I have been nurturing it, giving it water a little bit from sensing when it was the right time for that to occur and then something strange happened it grew and it looks happy, so happy that it had had two babies and two more is on it’s way… and this is me in a nutshell, I love creating, no matter what and bringing life into something new and see it grow.

So to be more specific…
I’m bringing life into something new with my blog to open up for my inner world. First of all my creative writing which you would see unfold fully with my first upcoming book “My Italian Angel”, that will be released the 1 November 2016. It’s the first book in a serie of at this point in time 3 books, following the life of Katrin a charater that is based on upon me, and her adventures and insights is inspired from my life. It’s a great mix of fiction and my experiences, and what is what doesn’t really matter.

But there is so much more
With my blog I want to create a world, where I will take the material of the books and all the other many many thoughts and discoveries, that this funny thing we call life has been giving me.

So finally like the plant it’s time to grow and bringing life into this blog, and let the words take my fingers and bring you the voice of my heart. I have a lot to share, and it is with tons of butterflies in my stomach that I’m unraveling my world.

Enjoy the journey!
We are only here once.

L. Lee