My Italian Angel

This is the 1. book in the serie about Katrin and her journey in life with angels, pain, travels to find healing and learning how to love. The 2. book “He doesn’t follow the script will be released in sept 2019”


What was that? She looked around to see who was there. She couldn’t see anything. I must have heard it in my head.
Then again…..


And then she saw him; in the air just in front of her a clear face was present. She had always known that the dead spirits were around her; she’d just never been interested in them or their shadows before. But the holographic three-dimensional person just in front of her was so clear, it took her completely by surprise. She just stared at him … stunned!

Katrin had seen an angel. An angel that became the most unexpected teacher she ever could image. The most unlikely guide that would show her how to learn to love in a way that would heal her pain.

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“My life with Kundalini”

This is my personal story about my spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 2004. It is a strong and very honest telling about the worst years of my journey to heal this massive energy entering my life.

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“Let’s Talk Tantra” 

This is an interview book about Tantra.
Easy to digest and to get a short know how about what Tantra is”.

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