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Be the light within you
Healing your light: EUR 150, 1 hour duration

All you are is light.
It is that simple and yet so hard to maintain, see and understand.

In these sessions we will focus on you rediscover it, so you sense and be much more of what you already are.

The moment will guide us and if you want to read what I have in my tool box – read here.

I look forward to met your light.


L. Lee

Kundalini session

If you have an awakening and need support
Kundalini support: EUR 150, 1 hour duration

If you have an ongoing kundalini awakening and are looking for support this is the one for you. I know personally that it may not be an easy ride. I also know that being in therapy is not always the solution.

A Kundalini awakening is not equal 1 solution fits it all, but I know support is important.

I am here, book me if you need support.


L. Lee